6 best Indonesian Summer Salads

Urapan with green beans, spinach and cabbage

Urapan Salad

Temperatures are rising in Holland and I always think about food with this kind of weather. It is better to eat more than three times a day because of the heat. We do as Asians do and eat about 7 times a day, but light, healthy and tasty. This helps to refill the amount of salt we lose during these warm days.

For this reason, I have collected my 6 favorite Indonesian summer salads for you to try during hot summer days. Coincidentally they all have cute names like kuluban, karedok and tumis.

They are also the less familiar Indonesian salads but definitely not less tasty. They are all super healthy and super flavorsome and a beautiful ‘side dish’ for the BBQ for example.

This is my top 6 best Indonesian summer salads:

Koeloeban - Indisch groentengerechtKuluban is like Urapan; a mix of vegetables with coconut shavings and many different herbs. So tasty and fun to do something different with vegetables like stir-frying or cooking them.

Sayur tumis bayam
Bit by bit I add the spinach to the bumbu (herb paste) made with onions, garlic, chili salsa and galangal. This sayur tumis of bayam is a perfect combination with fish.

This is endive the Indonesian way; mixed with a ‘sauce’ of grated coconut and spices. Beb uses bean sprouts in her recipe. I love that. It gives a lot of extra flavor.

This karedok salad is packed with fibers and anti-oxidants. Besides the health benefits, it is extremely delicious. This salad includes raw green beans, eggplant, and cabbage. The dressing is made with peanuts and Indonesian spices.


You need some healthy food soon? Try this great Indonesian salad: pecel. 100% vegetarian and healthy as hell 😉 Even with the peanut sauce on the side – that is pretty light- you will eat today your weekly demand of vegetables.

Lalab with cucumber

Lalab with cucumber

This Lalab with Cucumber recipe is a funny one, because it sounds too simple to write down in a cook book. But if you look deeper, I understand the beauty of it now. You can use any sambal. Check out my 25+ easy homemade sambal recipes and enjoy the summer!

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