Tempeh in Tempura with Panko

Do you want to put something tasty on the table relatively quickly? Make cripsy tempeh in a tempura with panko. Panko is a Japanese breadcrumb that is slightly coarser than ordinary ‘Dutch’ breadcrumbs. This makes the tempeh even crisper.

This tempeh in tempura with panko takes about half an hour to make and a block of tempeh is enough for 3 people.


  • a block of tempeh
  • tempura batter
  • panko
  • salt
  • possibly some garlic

I first make a batter of the tempura flour mix that I buy in an Asian food shop. You can also simply use regular flour or rice flour. But the tempura flour makes a slightly thicker coat that sticks well to the tempeh.

I mix water with the flour and do not make the batter too thin. I do not stir the batter too much. The batter does not have to be super smooth. That makes for an extra crispy exterior. Do not forget to add some salt. For one block of tempeh I use a teaspoon of salt.

Extra spices
You can add all kinds of herbs in the batter. I rub for instance some garlic with salt, ginger powder, and galangal together. Or just some garlic and salt works fine too. Just do not forget salt, that is important.

I place frying oil in a small pan and heat it up. Then I dip a piece of tempeh into the batter first and roll it through the panko. I fry the tempeh (two pieces at the same time) until they are golden brown. The perfect snack or side dish!

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