Upcycle food scraps

Looks nice, doesn’t it? This romaine lettuce can be reused perfectly. This set of fresh leaves has grown in two days. Of course, the lettuce is still too small, but in two weeks I can harvest it to use in a salad, I learn online.

It’s not so hard to upcycle food scraps. You have to have some patience and a window sill with lots of light.

There are many examples of amazing vegetable recycling ideas with, for example, lettuce, ginger, lemongrass, spring onion, carrots, as well as pineapple, basil, cabbage, leek or sweet potato.

Because my lettuce grows so well, I started today with spring onions, ginger, lemongrass and kunjit (turmeric) too.

Roots (like ginger and turmeric) need some extra water before putting them in soil. I soak them overnight.

The spring onions and lemon grass need to grow some tiny roots before placing them in fresh soil.

My ginger has already grown a bit while lying in a basket on my kitchen counter. Therefore I plant my ginger sprout right away.

I read that the earth needs to be not too wet, but well moistened. Better to give a small amount of water from time to time to keep the soil moist.

Ginger is a great plant to keep indoors all year long. It is a slow grower and needs space in width to develop more ginger roots. I’m curious if it’s going to bloom …!

On Pinterest I ‘ve gathered all kinds of examples of vegetables and herbs that you can grow back in the kitchen.

I think the pineapple is so beautiful, but maybe a bit too big for my tiny kitchen to keep indoors.


I’ve tried basil also btw. Basil stalks develop roots fast. Do this every six weeks and you always have a large stock of fresh basil at hand.I read on wholefoodhome.com. Perfect for a basil salad with tomatoes and mozzarella. Love it!

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