Sambal Tomato (chili salsa)

sambal tomato

Sambal Tomato

Because it is almost Christmas I’m testing all kinds of sambals (chili salsas). This sambal tomato or Indonesian chili salsa is less spicy because tomato paste is mixed in. This sambal doesn’t need much cortex energy because this sambal is super simple to make.

Tasty tomato paste

I do take into account the type of tomato paste though. Some are too sour or salty because of preservation and I do not like that so much. I opt for an Italian tomato paste made from pomodori tomatoes. This one is delightfully tender and soft. Try a few before using. Small cans of tomato paste are not expensive and you just need a teaspoon. I use the rest for my tomato soup.

Sambal Tomato # 18 translated from Beb Vuyk’s Groot Indonesisch Kookboek


  • 5 lomboks
  • 1/2 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 tsp tomato paste

Make sambal ulek or sambal trassi and stir in a teaspoon of tomato paste. This sambal does not last long, even in the fridge.

sambal tomato - Ingredients

A sambal ulek is a basic salsa. It’s used to mix in other ingredients to make another sambals like sambal trassi, or sambal kemiri or sambal jeruk. You can also eat sambal ulek as it is.

sambal tomato in the cobek

I do not have sambal ulek in my fridge, so I rub a few peppers with trassi and salt together in my mortar. I add a teaspoon of tomato paste and stir it through. That’s it. Leave the trassi out if you want to eat vegetarian.

This sambal tomato is great with vegetable dishes or a nasi kuning. Enak!

Are you looking for more Indonesian chili salsas that can be made on the spot? Check out this list of all the quick sambal recipes on this blog.

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