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jajan pasar Streetfood Netflix

I have to share this with you. A new Netflix series has been launched here in Holland (but I think it is available worldwide) about Streetfood. Beautiful personal portraits of extraordinary people with an exceptional food story.

Jajan Pasar

I love the episode about street food in Yogyakarta. It’s about Jajan Pasar: the sweet snacks that are sold at the market. The episode includes Mbah Satinem, an old lady who maintains her entire family with her traditional jajan pasar.

Streetfood Serie Netflix Mbah Satinem Yogyakarta

I like series like this. The other episodes are each time about a different Asian country with their favorite street food and their best sellers. The story about a Thai street food chef for example who receives a Michelin star is also delicious to watch.

The series honors the hard work every chef puts into their love for food. The fact that they sell their product on the street does not mean the quality is low; on the contrary, their food is mouthwatering.

Inspired by all the delicious snacks? Try “my” jajan pasar and follow this link ;-).

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