Spring Rolls with Duck – Lumpia Bebek

spring rolls with duck
spring rolls with duck

Duck is perhaps the tastiest poultry that I know. It has much more flavor than chicken and is not difficult to prepare.

Recently we ate in a great restaurant (in Haarlem the Netherlands): ‘Bistrobar Indonesia of chef Agus Hermawan’ and he has a delicious spring roll with duck on the menu. Agus, of course, makes this dish into a real master chef piece; he partly wraps the meat in the dough for instance. I’m very inspired by this lumpia bebek and would like to make my ‘street food’ version of this spring roll with duck.

Too much noodles

I think spring rolls are delicious but often they are filled with too many noodles and that makes them heavy and a bit dull. I, therefore, leave the noodles out and fill them only with three vegetables and the duck of course. Basically, this is a Peking duck with hoisin sauce springroll. 

I make six spring rolls because we are with three today, so two each is enough for now. But you can, of course, make as many as you want. Great for a party: freshly baked and warm spring rolls!

Adjust the volume of the ingredients, to the number of spring rolls you want to make. The duck has to be in the oven for 30 minutes and rolling and frying also takes some time. For my six spring rolls, I needed about 45 minutes in total.

Watch the video (I make 12 spring rolls here) or read further for the recipe in text and pictures.

Spring Rolls with Duck


  • Deboned duck from the oven
  • Spring rolls skins from the freezer
  • Cucumber
  • Spring onions
  • Bean sprouts
  • chili pepper
  • Frying oil

As a sauce: home-made hoisin sauce

Duck out of the oven

Duck is not always easy to buy in the Netherlands. That’s why I order it at my butcher’s, or even better (and I think this is really a discovery) get it out of the freezer at my local Asian shop.

My shop in Haarlem (Toko Nina) sells deboned duck, pre-seasoned (and nicely seasoned!) and pre-cooked from the freezer.

You defrost the pieces of meat and bake it to crispy for half an hour in the oven. The meat remains tender and is beautifully cooked.

Wild duck

If you want to use wild duck, check this recipe for my version of Peking duck.

Duck breast

You can also use duck breast for these spring rolls. They are done and crunchy in 7 minutes. The meat is a bit firmer, but if you cut the fillets into nice thin strips, it works well.

I cut cucumber, spring onions and the chili pepper into thin strips. I try to keep them all the same size. I also cut my duck into the same thin slices with the crunchy skin.

Roll spring rolls

Meanwhile, my spring rolls are defrosted. Spring roll dough is super thin. I pull a sheet carefully and lay it in front of me with one corner pointing towards me.

Somewhat below the middle, I place the stuffing: cucumber, onions, bean sprouts, chili pepper and the duck strips.

I roll the sheet around it and try to do it tightly. Then I fold the left side over it.

Then the right side and I roll through to the end. I wet the tip with some water and stick it to the spring roll to close.

Meanwhile, my oil is hot. I do not fry them too hot because then the skins start to bubble. The spring roll floats in the oil, so halfway I turn it, so my ‘lumpia’ turns golden brown all around.

We eat our spring rolls with duck with home-made hoisin sauce (normally served with Peking duck). The content remains fresh and crunchy. The sweet sauce fits perfectly with the duck meat.

Want to see more recipes for duck? Check this link.

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