Satay Prentul (minced meat) or Satay Lilit

Satay Prentul or Lilit on a plate with pandan rice and Indonesian chili sauce

Satay Prentul or Lilit on a plate

Beb Vuyk calls this satay Prentul, but I know this meat on sticks as Satay Lilit. Today I use lemongrass as sticks. It looks beautiful and adds that lovely citrus flavor to the meat too.

Satay Prentul/Lilit

This recipe is enough for 10 medium sized satay lilit and is ready in 45 minutes.


1/2 kg beef minced meat
1/10 coconut cream

Herbs and spices

1 tablespoon of shredded onions
2 shredded cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon sambal trassi (chili salsa with shrimp paste)
1/2 teaspoon laos (galangal)
1 teaspoon ketumbar (coriander)
1/2 teaspoon jinten (cumin)
1/2 teaspoon kunjit (yellow root)
1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder
pinch of kencur
piece of asem (tamarind) the size of a walnut (deseeded and skins taken out)
1 stalk of sereh (lemongrass)

First rub the sereh (lemongrass) with salt fine. Then add the other herbs: onions, garlic, sambal, laos (galangal), ketumbar (coriander), jinten (cumin), kunjit (yellow root), ginger powder, kencur and asem (tamarind).

Mix the meat well with the shredded coconut and knead this until the coconut cream is completely dissolved in the meat. Make balls with a diameter of ± 2 1/2 cm and place them on strong wooden sticks or bamboo sticks and roast them.

Satay prentul or satay lilit ingredients

The minced meat is seasoned with a lot of different spices. Delicious. My favorite root is kencur. It’s a strong flavored root and you only need a little bit.

Satay prentul or satay lilit lemongrass in cobek

Sereh or lemongrass is a strong grass stalk. Not easy to rub fine. But I add the salt and cut the lemongrass into small pieces and now it is pretty easy to grind it.

Satay prentul or satay lilit bumbu

I add the rest of the herbs and work it to a nice paste. My sambal trassi is finished so I add a chili and some trassi (fermented shrimp paste – also used in Thai cuisine).

Sambal Trassi is very easy to make and freeze for later use. Check out my recipe. 

Satay prentul or satay lilit bumbu mix with onions and asem (tamarind)

Asem (that brown sauce in the picture) is tamarind. I buy that at my specialist Asian food shop. It has already been filtered, so no fuss with taking out skins and stalks.

Satay prentul or satay lilit minced meat and coconut cream and bumbu

Santen is coconut cream. It is sold in hard, rectangular blocks. I mix everything thoroughly with the minced meat. I mix until the coconut is almost dissolved. It’s okay if the coconut is not dissolved completely. Small chunks of the super creamy coconut through the meat is tasty.

Satay prentul or satay lilit on lemongrass stalk

To make the satay sticks just squeeze a handful around the lemongrass stalk. It’s this easy.

Satay prentul or satay lilit on lemongrass stalks 10 times

In Beb’s recipe, she makes  2,5 centimeter balls that she sticks on wooden (or bamboo) skewers. I try that too.

They look nice and are easy to handle on the BBQ. Meanwhile, I heat up my grill plate.

Satay prentul or satay lilit on lemongrass stalks on BBQ

It’s nice weather so we grill outside. A real charcoal BBQ is great because it gives the meat that typical BBQ flavor, but eating too much BBQ food is not healthy. When we are visiting grandma in the forest in the summer we are definitely going to use the charcoal BBQ again but on my city balcony, this grill works better.

Satay prentul or satay lilit on plate with pandan rice and chili sauce

Minced meat needs to be cooked through well and needs about 15 to 20 minutes.

We eat our satay prentul or lilit with pandan rice and my favorite Indonesian chili sauce. A perfect summer snack!

We think that minced beef meat is somewhat dry. I like to use meat that is half beef and half pork. That has a little bit more fat and tastes creamier.

Saté lilit can also be made with minced chicken meat or fish. I haven’t done that yet. Still enough to do this summer ;-).

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