Sambal Korek

A sambal korek is an Indonesian raw chili salsa that is poured over with boiling hot oil.

The tomatoes make this sambal korek juicy and a bit less spicy. That is necessary because today I use rawit today; a pretty hot pepper and I even dare to work with one Madame-jeanette too. You can, of course, replace the peppers with regular chili peppers to adjust the spiciness to your flavor.


  • 10 rawit
  • 1 Madame-jeanette
  • 5 sherry tomatoes (or 1 regular tomato)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 small red onion or large shallot
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of trassi
  1. Cut everything into pieces so that it easily rubs fine in the mortar
  2. Add sugar, salt and trassi and rub until the sambal is mixed in well (if you see a coarse piece of tomato or garlic that’s fine)
  3. Heat up two tablespoons of oil and pour over the sambal

I use gloves to cut my peppers. The juice of these super spicy peppers is extremely strong and there is a possibility you can rub it in your eyes or somewhere else where it hurts…

I deseed the Madame-jeanette. I take out the white part where the seeds are attached too. That is the spicy part. I do not deseed the rawit today. I fancy an extremely spicy sambal. I have to cough when I chop the peppers. They are that strong…. OMG ;-).

Now everything can be gound into a mortar. I add the sugar and salt because that makes the ingredients tender faster. The trassi can also be added right away. Trassi gives this sambal its umami flavor.

Ready! How easy it is to make and how lovely does it smell! Definitely the right amount of garlic cloves. Now the sambal can be served in a bowl and topped with the hot oil.

It crackles for a moment: the sambal korek is therefore cooked very lightly and the oil layer ensures that all flavors mix well and turns down some of the heat.

This sambal korek is delightful! Super spicy, but it has lots of flavor too; the spiciness is not completely overwhelming. I love this sambal korek with cheese on a sandwich. We also eat it with wraps and avocado.

I freeze part of my sambal korek, so I always have something in stock for making a nice bumbu for example.

Want to see more Indonesian chili salsa (sambal) recipes, check out this link.

Or go to youtube for this 4 basic sambal recipes video.

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