Sambal Goreng Quail Eggs

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the look of quail eggs. These small eggs are stronger in taste as regular chicken eggs I think.

Today I’m going to make a sambal goreng quail egg. I will add the sambal, I’ve made last week, to the broth to give my lovely eggs a special punchy flavor. The sambal bubuk kering contains lots of shrimps and my favorite tasty lemon leaf: juruk purut.


18 quail eggs
2 teaspoons of sambal bubuk kering
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
100 ml of coconut milk
50 ml of water

I cut my onions in the length of the fiber. I’ll make crescent moons this way. This looks nice in the coconut sauce those long onion strings.

The special sambal I use is full of dried shrimps (ebi) and jeruk purut leaves (lemon leaves). The ebi and the jeruk give a lot of flavor to the broth. I love this sambal bubuk kering. I can not stay away from it and eat it with everything lately. On a sandwhich with cheese for instance or with peanut butter.

I fry my onion, garlic and sambal in two tablespoons of oil until the onions shine and become soft.

In the meantime, I boil my eggs for 3 minutes. I let the water warm up first. Then I carefully place them in the water with a big spoon and bring it to the boil. After 3 minutes I rinse them with cold water and peel them.

A quail egg has a firm skin. I carefully peel them.

I add the coconut milk to the onion mix in the pan. I slowly bring this to the boil and then add the eggs. They do not have to simmer long in the broth, but I want them to absorb the taste of the broth for about a minute or two.

We eat the sambal goreng of quail eggs with white rice and a simple stir-fry vegetable dish (broccoli). Creamy, spicy and full of flavor is this sweet looking dish.

This sambal can also be a fantastic base for vegetable dishes or noodles. I am not done with experimenting with this sambal.

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