Pisang Pangsit

Pisang Pangsit

Pisang Pangsit

You probably know what pangsit goreng is. You can also fill this savory snack with something sweet. That’s why I like to make these delicious crispy dumplings filled with banana and palm sugar during hot days and call them pisang pangsit!

Palm sugar has more flavor than regular sugar, but you can also replace it with brown sugar or with a piece of (dark) chocolate.

These banana pangsit are the perfect dessert for a summer day. It is easy to make, you are quickly done and it is a delicious snack. Folding is also fun to do with children.

Coconut ice cream

These pangsit are not too sweet in flavour (the dough is not sweet) and therefore you can combine them well with coconut ice cream for example. Or just serve as they are; warm and with some icing sugar.

Wonton sheets

I wrap the banana pieces in wonton skins that I buy at my Asian store. These sheets are thicker than spring roll skins and therefore somewhat firmer. You can also use spring roll sheets. Then you have to cut them into smaller squares. Spring roll skins are a lot more fragile than wonton skins.

This recipe is ready in 30 minutes and enough for about 15 pieces if you use 1 banana.

Pisang Pangsit


  • 1 banana
  • 15 wonton sheets (from the freezer – 1 pack contains a lot more. I  place the leftover sheets back into the freezer)
  • couple of tablespoons of palm sugar or dark brown sugar
  • powdered sugar
  1. Thaw the wonton skins for about 20 minutes. Keep them covered (otherwise they dry out).
  2. Cut the banana into 2 cm round slices
  3. Carefully pull off a wonton sheet and place it in front of you with one corner pointing north
  4. Spoon half a teaspoon of sugar in the middle
  5. Place a slice of banana on top of it
  6. Make top corner wet by dipping your finger in some water
  7. Fold the wonton from bottom to top and stick close
  8. Push the air out as much as possible
  9. Now fold the left corner to the right and then the right side to the left
  10. Always glue with a little water
  11. Fry the packets in frying oil in a few minutes until golden brown
  12. Serve warm and sprinkle with some icing sugar

Look it is this simple. You take a dough sheet and add a teaspoon of sugar with a slice of banana.

Then you fold it up. And press out, carefully, as much air as possible. With a wet finger, stick the dough together.

Then fold the left and right corners over the middle and glue again with some water.

The skins are firm, so frying is really easy.

I make sure that my frying oil is hot enough (oil is hot enough when the back of a wooden spoon forms bubble while placed vertically in the oil touching the bottom).

Deep-fry your pisang pangsit until they are golden brown. I love to make these as a snack or dessert: especially on a hot day ;-).

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