Lalab with cabbage (Lalab Kubis)

438-Lalab-van-Kool-KoebisLalab Kubis or lalab with cabbage is the perfect vegetarian side dish. It is a very easy dish; ready in 20 minutes even if you make the sambal yourself. I use pointed cabbage for my lalab. I like pointed cabbage a lot. It’s more tender and tasty than white cabbage and firmer than Pak Choi.

Lalab with cabbage (Lalab Kubis) translated from Beb Vuyk Groot Indonesisch Kookboek, page 356.


4 to 6 cabbage leaves from the heart of the cabbage
sambal (chili salsa), doesn’t matter which one.

Pourboiling water over the cabbage leaves, until they are tender. Drain and spread the sambal on the leaves. Great with sambal manis (sweet chili salsa).

438-Lalab-van-Kool-Koebis-ingredientsTo make sambal manis (Indonesian sweet chili salsa) is easy and you can find the recipe here. You can use any sambal you like.


I boil water and pour it over my pointed cabbage leaves. I leave them in the water for about 3 minutes until the leaves are tender.


Now I spread some sambal on every leaf.

438-Lalab-van-Kool-Koebis1I roll my leaves up and serve them like this. This lalab with cabbage is pretty spicy; a perfect match with Babi Ketjap or any other non-spicy dish. For more homemade sambals, check this page.

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