Kue Mangkok

kue-mangkok-closeMy mother gave me special kue mangkok cups. I love to try them today on this rainy Sunday afternoon. This recipe is easy because no butter or eggs go in. Only self-rising flour sugar and coconut!

If it’s difficult to get self-rising flour at your supermarket, make your own. ‘Just add 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g/6oz/1 cup plain flour’ (Nigella Lawson).

Go immediately to the recipe for Kue Mangkok on this blog (good for 15 cakes).

kue-mangkok-cups2It always takes a while to steam a kue: 40 minutes. I do not want to make them too big, because that is too big a bite. These cupcakes are quite heavy.

It is easier to take the cake out of the metal cup. After steaming, leave it to cool for 5 minutes and it will almost fall out immediately. The earth ware cups are different. The cake will only come out nicely when you leave the cake to cool for 15/20 minutes. Make sure you rub the molds with butter or oil before you pour in the batter or use cupcake liners.

I make my kue today with the food coloring: pandan paste (green) and rose syrup (pink). They are best eaten warm. Our whole house smells like coconut now. I love our lazy Sunday afternoons ;-).


Go to the recipe for Kue Mangkok here (good for 15 cakes).

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