Kue lapis cupcakes

kue-lapis-cupcakes-greenGreat! By popular demand, here is my recipe for kue lapis cupcakes. Kue lapis is a steam cake made of rice and tapioca flour. Earlier I made kue lapis in a pudding mold. That worked beautifully. Now it’s time to experiment with other shapes. You can use anything, such as plastic, metal or pottery forms that can resist heat from steam for at least 30 minutes.

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I found these ‘King crown molds’ made out of silicone. Rub them with some oil and they work great.

I’ve cut out the shapes by the way. There are six cupcakes in one silicone piece. That doesn’t fit in my rice steamer, so I cut them up with scissors.


I use this kue lapis recipe. I only change the steaming time of the final layer to 7 minutes. Every mold is different, so you have to experiment a bit with steaming times.

Lubricate your silicone forms well with oil. I do it as follows: place a drop of oil (I use olive oil) in to the cupcake mold and rub with clean fingers the inside thoroughly. Every edge and corner needs to be covered and the top as well.

When my kue lapis cupcakes come out of the steamer, I let them cool for 5 minutes. Then I pop them out (easily) on a plate coated with a thin layer of oil.

I also experiment with color. Keep in mind that during steaming time the color darkens. The Indonesian food colorings have flavor too. Red is ‘rose water’ and green ‘pandan’ taste. Enak!


When my kue has cooled down, I pop it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Then it is time to cut it into thin (1 cm) slices with a sharp knife covered in a bit of oil.

A kue lapis is a creamy, sweet and gentle snack or dessert. It works great with green tea or coconut ice cream ;-).

Go to the recipe for kue lapis now.
Kue lapis cupcakes green

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