Indonesian Bean Recipes From Your Pantry

Looking for easy and tasty Indonesian recipes from your pantry? I have made a collection of my best Indonesian bean recipes. I remake old Indonesian recipes from Beb Vuyk Groot Indonesisch Kookboek and there are a lot of fantastic bean recipes in there.


Maybe Indonesian food is not so much associated with beans, but Beb explains for example in recipe #101 in her book that a lot of beans are grown in Bogor (named ‘Buitenzorg’ during Dutch colonial times). Whether that is still the case I do not know.

Beans work well in Indonesian food. I like it a lot in combination with coconut milk, especially during wintertime. Before the Dutch came to the East Indies, the Portuguese rulled over some island. They’ve brought beans to Asia for sure. Timor was a Portugese fort and still people are catholic there (East-Timor) and they eat a famous Portuguese recipe called Feijoada. I will translate this recipe for you, so you can try to make it at home. But first below here, my list of easy and delicious bean recipes from old Indonesian cookbooks.

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