Indonesian Barbecue Recipes

It promises to be extraordinarily tropical this week; the temperature in the Netherlands rises to 40+ degrees Celsius. That never happened before in Holland. Global warming really has a real impact sadly enough. This week it is time for light meals, barbecue recipes, and sauces. On this page, you will find my Indonesian bbq inspiration.

I make all recipes from Het Groot Indonesisch Kookboek van Beb Vuyk. She has fantastic dishes that are great for the BBQ. Beb’s variety of sauces and salads are also excellent for eating outside.


With a few simple ingredients, you can quickly make a festive barbecue feast with these barbecue recipes. Like parcels of salmon on the BBQ wrapped in banana leaf and aluminum foil.

I’ve made a bumbu from onion, garlic, kunyit and salt; a kind of pepesan seasoning. I have placed fresh dill on top and packed the pieces of salmon in banana leaf (available at my local Asian shop). I’ve wrapped the banana leaf package in aluminum foil so my fish can hit the barbecue without burning. The banana leaf steams the fish inside the package. Delicious.

Saté Lilit

This saté lilit is exceptional too. Beb Vuyk calls it saté prentul. Very fancy with lemongrass as a skewer. I like to use minced meat made of pork and beef; this is a lot juicier.

Of course, the classic saté babi or kambing has to be part of a barbecue too. Beb Vuyk not only has a delicious recipe in her book, but has also added a lovely sweet-sour soy sauce. If you prefer peanut sauce, go to this link.


Marinating meat or tempeh or tofu is very simple. Beb Vuyk writes about marinating saté: ‘Cutaway the widest part of the fat edge. Cut both meat and loose fat edges in dice of +/- 2 cm. Sprinkle the dice with the mixture of garlic juice, lemon juice, soy sauce, pepper and salt and let them marinate for +/- 1 hour.

I like to use an extra sweet soy sauce (such as soy sauce manis from ABC) for marinating meat, such as pork, goat or chicken meat.

I like to adjust the marinate a bit to what I have available. For example, I regularly add fresh ginger to the marinate or Chinese 5-spices. A small amount of good quality Chinese sherry is also insanely delicious. It makes the meat tender and gives a lot of umami flavor. Be especially generous with garlic in a marinade; that gives a lot of depth to the final flavor. If you leave the onions coarse, you can pin them in between the meat on the skewer. Just like the ginger pieces, by the way; they too can be part of the satay pin.

I marinate my meat, diced in pieces, preferably the night before. Keep it well cooled and stir occasionally.


Don’t add too much meat on a stick. Three or four pieces are enough really. This way you can easily hold the stick, the saté cooks better and it looks nice on your plate too.

Make sure your coals are white from the heat before you place the satay on the barbecue. It always takes a while before a BBQ is good enough to cook on, so be patient. Pork, goat meat and chicken don’t have to cook long. Pork and goat meat needs about 10 minutes. Chicken (fillet) goes a little faster.

Homemade sambal

Want to fight the heat, make sambal yourself! I have over 25 different kinds of sambal on this blog. Some are raw and others have to sauté. Overall homemade sambal is very healthy packed with vitamins. You can adjust the spiciness yourself and the chili salsas do not contain any extra salt or vinegar to preserve.

This is sambal stock fish

Inspirational links

I collect inspiration on Pinterest all year round. For my BBQ inspiration board go to this link.

I have already made many sauces, salads and recipes for the BBQ. Below you will find all Indonesian BBQ recipes together. Or go directly to the sauces, salads or sambal recipes on this site.

Indonesian recipes for on or around the barbecue:

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