Homemade Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts home grown
Homemade Bean Sprouts

You can buy bean sprouts anywhere, but it is fun and easy to grow them at home. Bean sprouts are made with mung beans; those lovely tiny green beans. I buy them dried at my supermarket.

If you like white bean sprouts grow them in a dark place. If you like them green like mine in the picture, grow them in a lighter environment. Because I use a translucent bucket, my bean sprouts turn green.

Soak overnight

I soak my mung beans overnight. If I can sqeeze them between two fingers, they are ready to use.

Kitchen Towel

I lay a paper kitchen towel in a used plastic yogurt bucket. I wet the towel and I spread my beans on top. They do not need to touch the towel. Two layers of beans will work fine, but do not add too many.

I wrap a piece of kitchen towel on the top and secure it with an elastic band.

Ready in four days

I leave this for about 4 days. My bean sprouts will grow fast. I check them daily and add a little water. You can use them anytime, but I like them with the green leaves on the top.

I use my bean sprouts as the final ingredient in noodle dishes or as a condiment for soto ajam (or any soto really ;-)).

Selamat makan!

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