Dadar Gulung

These dadar are Indonesian pancakes. They always look delicious and I want to make them already for a long time. Now I’ve tested different recipes and experimented with my own ideas. I love French crêpes. I want to make my dadar as thin as possible. That seems to work out well.

Because in the dadar batter goes rice flour it is glutenfree as well.

Dadar Urap for 15-20 pieces. Done in 30 minutes.


100 grams of rice flour
50 grams of sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 eggs, lightly beaten
300 ml coconut milk
100 grams of grated coconut
250 ml palm sugar or gula Jawa syrop

Watch the video how to make Dadar Urap, or read on.


Mix the eggs the flour, sugar, coconut milk and two teaspoons of grated coconut. This batter is even easier than pancake batter, because it is easy to mix, no lumps. Divide the batter evenly into two bowls and color them with food coloring.

I pour 250 ml of boiling water on two blocks (100 gram) of Gula Jawa (Javanese palm sugar). I leave it for a few minutes and then stir the sugar through.


I use pandan extract and rose syrup to color the batter. Be aware that the dadar darkens in the pan.


Bake the dadar with a little bit of oil, like pancakes in a small pan. Make sure you make super thin pancakes. Roll them up when they are still warm, otherwise they are too rigid and therefore too difficult to roll. Serve with grated coconut and pour the sugar syrup on top. Yum!


You can also fill them with some grated coconut and the syrup. Looks beautiful!

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