Japanese Carrot Gazpacho

Cold Carrot Soup like gazpacho

I love to watch NHK, the Japanese channel that broadcasts in English. Of course, I watch all their food shows especially ‘Dining with the Chef‘. Rika Yukimasa makes a super easy cold carrot soup. This Japanese carrot gazpacho is too good, so I need to share it with you, immediately ;-).


What you need to do is heat up a carrot cut into pieces in the microwave, blend it in the machine until smooth, add milk, sugar and a bit of salt. Serve with parsley and some olive oil.

Fresh veggies

A friend of ours just had twins (!) and doesn’t have time anymore to harvest his lovely vegetable garden. So he asks us to help out. No problem. Loulou is on it!

Look at the result. So much lovely, delicious and good looking food! Especially the carrots. They look different but are super sweet and tasty.

I clean the carrots. Cut them in four and place them in a bowl I pop in the microwave for 6 minutes. I blend them with my emersion blender until they turn into a thick sauce. Then I dilute with cold milk until it is as thin as creamy soup. I add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. The carrots don’t need much sugar, they are sweet enough.

This Japanse version of carrot soup is like gazpacho (cold Italian soup) but more sweet and creamy. Perfect as a starter, or for lunch. Chef Rika Yukimasa serves her Japanese carrot gazpacho as a side dish. Delicious!

Watch the video about this soup here or go to the recipe details here, immediately.

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