94 Sajur Tumis Tomato

Sajur Tumis Tomato
Last weekend I made this Sajur Tumis Tomato for my fathers selamatan. He passed away a year ago.

My niece and sister are delighted about this dish. This tumis tomato is tender, spicy and galangal powder gives that typical Indonesian flavor. It is convenient to use powder here. A whole galangal root needs to cook for a while to release flavor. But this tumis is a real stir fry dish; easy, healthy and fast.

This recipe is a side dish for 3 to 4 people and ready in 15 minutes.

Sajur Tumis Tomato, from Beb Vuyk‘s Groot Indonesisch Kookboek, page 108.


1/2 kg tomatoes


3 tablespoons chopped onions
1 chopped garlic clove
1/2 teaspoon sambal terasi (shrimp paste chili sauce)
1 teaspoon galangal
1 stock cube
2 tablespoons oil

Wash the tomatoes and cut them -depending on the sizein half, quarters, or in six pieces. Rub onions, garlic, chilli sauce (sambal) and galangal together. Fry them in the oil until the onions are yellow. Then add the tomatoes and fry briefly. Add the bouillon cube (and if necessary a splash of water). Let the sajur cook for a few minutes.

Sajur Tumis Tomato ingredients
We love
tomatoes. I always keep them in my pantry, like onions, garlic, chili sauce and galangal powder: all the ingredients this dish needs.

I did my best to rub the spices thoroughly  together. The flavors come out better and give this dish that particular kick. You can opt for a vegetable stock cube to keep this dish vegetarian. I use beef broth. I like the contrast in flavor with the tomato.

I served this dish with steamed shrimp with petai beans. That recipe is coming. It will also combine well with this shrimp recipe.

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