40 Asian Easter Recipes

I’ve selected 40 easy Asian Easter recipes for you that are best eaten in spring or summer. Most of these recipes come from Indonesian cuisine. Scroll down and click on the photos below to check out ingredients and prep time.

Beb Vuyk

On this blog I make all the recipes (578) from the famous cookbook Het Groot Indonesisch Kookboek (1973) by Beb Vuyk. I’m now more than halfway! Time for an appropriate overview of the most appetizing Indonesian and Asian spring dishes to date.

The list does not only include recipes by Beb Vuyk, but also my own dishes. This blog has become a good reflection of the Indonesian and Asian food that I love you. But I’m not done yet, not nearly yet …


Thank you for all your lovely responses and excellent tips so far! I can’t do without such a great audience.

My 40 Asian Easter recipes are easily digestible and fresh in taste and color. For the Easter celebrations, I’ve added a few special snacks as well, like wajik (glutinous rice snack) or a sweet bapao with custard filling.

What are you going to eat with Easter? Scroll for comments to the very bottom of this post.

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  1. Louise de Neve says:

    I love your website ❤️. Thank you so much for sharing. My sisters in Holland use Bep Vuyk’s cookbook. I should have bought one when I was in Holland. No need…..we have YOU 👍🏼

    My question is for the Nasi Kuning recipe. What is the difference between coconut cream and coconut milk. When I need “Santen” I use the coconut milk in a can. My Asian store also sells the coconut cream. Hartelijk dank!

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