10 Best Summer Recipes

In the summertime, we eat differently. Our meals are smaller and lighter. Asian food is -when it comes to food- always the best option and this is definitely the case during summer. I also love to picnic in the dunes when it’s warm. Asian food can also be the best finger food. I’ve collected here, my top 10 best Asian recipes to make this summer.

Vietnamese spring rolls (spring rolls)

These spring rolls from Vietnam are the best summer finger food there is. It’s a bit of work to make, but you can easily prepare these rolls in the morning for an afternoon picnic. The rice sheet covers the content perfectly so everything inside stays fresh and crisp. With a homemade hoisin sauce it is actually very chic finger food indeed.

These spring rolls look like snacks but they are a complete and fulfilling dinner. Four rolls each are a nice amount to feel satisfied. Super healthy with all fresh ingredients. Also, the avocado that goes into it remains beautiful in color. The rice sheet around it creates an airtight edible packing.

I fill my rolls with spring onions, avocado, shrimps, and lettuce.

Go to the complete recipe for Vietnamese spring rolls here.

Indonesian Perkedel

These are a particular kind of Indonesian meatballs; Perkedel they are called. They are seasoned with nutmeg and a potato goes through the minced meat. Beb Vuyk likes to make these with minced meat of beef, but I prefer half pork and half beef. That makes the meat less dry and tastier.

Frikadel is easy to make in large quantities so you can freeze them. We eat this perkedel with a simple vegetable dish and white rice.

Go to the recipe for Indonesian perkedel here.

Japanese Udon Noodles

Everything with shrimp and avocado I love. This time I add Japanese noodles; Udon (う ど ん). Udon is a firm noodle made of flour and water only (no egg). You can prepare this dish easily. The noodles can be cooked in advance (udon needs about 10 minutes), and then you can keep them in the fridge. If you pour hot water over it, the noodle becomes flexible and ready to use again.

You can prepare this dish easily. The noodles can be cooked in advance (udon needs about 10 minutes), and then you can keep them in the fridge. If you pour hot water over it, the noodle becomes flexible and ready to use again.

Go to the recipe for Japanese Udon Noodles here.

Indonesian Satay Babi (pork)

This is a real Indonesian classic: Satay Babi. Babi means pork, but you can also make this saté with mutton or lamb meat. Then this satay is called satay kambing.

I always use pork chops for this satay. They are more fat and tasty.

Go to the recipe for satay babi here.

Chinese Noodle Soup with Fishballs (Bakso-Mie)

Bakso! It is sold everywhere in Asia. Originally, Bakso is a Chinese dish. It’s about the tasty balls. In this case, they are made of fish, but it can also be prepared with meat. Such a soup gives plenty of energy on a hot day.

The good thing about bakso is that the fish balls can be stored separately (for example in the freezer). Ready for a great noodle soup.

Go to the recipe for bakso here.

Indonesian Sayur Asem (summer recipe)

Beb Vuyk, recept 103 Sajoer Asem (Zomer-recept)

Beb Vuyk mentions in her book that this is a summer recipe because of the all the lovely summer veggies, I think. Sayur means vegetables and asem is tamarind; an acidic dish it is. This dish is like an acar, but warm and with meat.

Go to the recipe for sayur asem here.

Japanese Gyoza Dumplings

This looks great, doesn’t it? These is dim sum, dumplings, jioazi, shomay or gyoza (餃子). It all comes down to the same; Dough parcels filled with spicy meat and / or fish. A delicious bite or a fancy breakfast.

I make the dough myself. That makes this dimsum even more delicious. Dimsum is very suitable for a picnic. You can fill them with all sorts of things. I like it with meat and shrimp.

Go to the recipe for gyoza here.

Indonesian Urapan (vegetarian)

Vegetarian friends love this recipe and I do too! Urapan. That sounds very cute, doesn’t it? It’s a endive dish topped with a thick coconut flour herb mix. The ultimate summer recipe. 😉

Go to the recipe for urapan here.

Indonesian Pepesan

This authentic Indonesian pepesan recipe is easy and looks great. The fish is topped with a lovely herb paste mix and the parcels are steamed. No oven needed.

Go to the recipe for pepesan here.

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